End of Autumn

So Winter has officially  started this week in the Southern Hemisphere –with some force, I might add–and this week also marks the end of the Autumn semester at UOW. Side note — it really is the end of “Autumn Semester,” because from 2020 we are apparently retiring the term and going with the more numerical “Semester 1” and “Semester 2.”

Blackheath June 2019.jpg
Leichhardt St, Blackheath – one block from where I grew up. In 1983 we were on the Channel 10 news for playing in the snow like this on the way to school, at this exact location. (Which now makes me wonder what on earth our parents were thinking, sending us to school in conditions like these!). Photo credit: The Blue Mountains Gazette (online).

To mark the (almost)-end of the semester, we’re running various feel-good options at campuses this week. And we’ve been around the traps long enough to know what students like: free food!

free food
No name tags required; all welcome.

It’s been pretty cold up in Moss Vale, so the campus has been supplying students with warming home-made soups all week. Campus Manager Stephen and Admin Assistant Erin have added making hearty soups to their busy schedules this week.


In the Shoalhaven, we went for a winter BBQ, with a special cake to mark the end of some students’ degrees. Big thanks to Heidi and the team at Cafe on Campus for their efforts.

Best of luck to all of our students as they put the final touches to their assignments, and start serious exam preparation. Remember, if you are a UOW student but live near a regional campus (Moss Vale, Nowra, Batemans Bay or Bega), you are welcome to use our facilities and resources when you’re studying. We know that studying at home alone can be both isolating and distracting, but you don’t have to go it alone: utilise the options on your doorstep.

And to my own children: both the above messages apply to you, too.

Just a little bit further, folks!






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